3 ways to give your salmon recipes a twist this summer


There is little more enjoyable than a fresh fillet of salmon on a summer day. But the usual lemon juice and garlic mix can get a bit boring. Why not spruce up your summer feasts this year with a new salmon recipe?

Not only is salmon a delicious locally-fished choice for Australians wanting to add fresh fish to their menu – it’s also one of the more sustainable options. And the bright, light fish is full of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, boasting a beautiful moist texture.

From nutty almond pairings to ginger-infused glazes, these three summer salmon recipes are sure to surprise and delight the tastebuds of your family and friends:

Fried salmon with curried almonds

Although it might seem strange to pair nuts and a curry recipe with fish, this dish is packed with perfectly balanced flavours and textures. The curried almonds give the salmon a burst of complexity, and pair beautifully with a delicate mix of fresh coriander and spring onion. Sure to impress any guest, and easy to whip up in a NEFF CircoTherm® oven!

Lime and ginger glazed salmon

Served with a side of coriander rice and steamed greens, this Asian-inspired salmon dish is full of colourful flavour. The glaze is an easy (but rather sophisticated) mix of lime marmalade, lime juice, sugar, soy, garlic, ginger, chilli and lemongrass – perfect for a summer bite packed with light, sticky heat.

Salmon with capsicum, chorizo and mango

Our signature snapper recipe works perfectly with fresh salmon too, and could not be more ideal for a summer lunch in the Australian sun with your family. The chorizo-mango salsa is a firm favourite of ours – spicy, sweet and just bold enough to balance out the flavours of the salmon. Serve with a side of fragrant coconut rice.

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