Should you get a gas or induction cooktop


Black glass or a bona-fide flame – which side of the cooktop divide are you on?

What you feel like cooking is a decision you need to make several times a day, every day. But what you cook it on is something you only get to choose a few times in your lifetime. And golly, is it a tricky decision.

Cooktops have come a long way from the days of a woody fire in the outdoors. But with so many benefits on either side of the gas vs induction cooktop discussion, too much choice can become stressful.

So, for those in the market for a new cooktop, we’ve put together a buying guide outlining what the pros and cons of each choice are. To be honest, there’s no right answer – there’s only preference. If we could have both, we would.

Good old gas

There’s a lot of magic in an old-school gas flame. Top of the list is most probably reliability. No matter what cuisine you’re cooking or what kind of pot you’re using, gas will get the job done. An open flame is how cooking was invented after all!

Best for wok cooking
If you cook a lot of stir frys and Asian cuisine that requires cooking with a wok, gas cooktops could be for you. Wok cooking is much easier with with gas, as the trivet supports the round base of the wok, allowing for a more even flow of heat.

Gas is also incredibly intuitive – you can see the source of the heat, and you know exactly what you’re getting when you turn it up or down. It’s cooking at its simplest. The NEFF FlameSelect® function, gives you step-by-step power setting from 1 to 9. Cook your steak best on level 8? Just remember that for next time for consistent results.

Design options
In terms of design, a gas cooktop is sturdy and solid: great for those kitchens that would suit a classic aesthetic. Within NEFF’s range, you can choose from black matte ceramic or stainless steel.

Not as easy to clean
The only major watch-out? They aren’t as easy to clean as gas cooktops.

Elegant induction

Since their invention in 1970, induction cooktops have grown greatly in popularity – and for good reason. Apart from their aesthetic, they’re also a lot more efficient in terms of time and energy usage.

Quicker to bring to the boil

Side-by-side tests show that induction cooktops are much quicker to bring to the boil, and provide an even heat under any sized pot. Most NEFF induction cooktops come with a removable, magnetic TwistPadFire® dial. This gives you precise control over all cooking zones compared to standard controls which may be difficult to activate due to spills and grease on the cooktop.

Safe for the family

For families with young kids, improved safety is also a major drawcard. All NEFF induction cooktops come with a child safety lock so the cooktop can’t be turned on by children. It’s also much safer without having active flame.

Easy to clean

The flame-less aesthetic makes induction cooktops pleasing on the eye. With a flat glass surface, you’ll find them easier to clean, with a simple wipe needed and no nooks and crannies to catch spills or crumbs.

Induction friendly pots

The biggest watch-out? You’ll need to ensure you have induction-friendly pots and pans. Because of the way heat is transferred from the plate to the utensil, pots and pans need to be designed for this specific purpose. We recommend speaking to an electrician to confirm you have the power capability to run an induction cooktop.


About NEFF

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