Sneh Roy of Cook Republic on her love of home cooking

By Sneh Roy

It is that time of the year again and the good folks over at Neff Appliances are on the hunt for Australia’s 50 Best Home Cooks! Are you the passionate home cook they are looking for?

Being a passionate home cook means many things – a champion of real food, an educator of good health, an advocate for the sustainability of earth and environment and a creator of memories. To me it means all of this and more. I have been a home cook for nearly three decades and the passion and enthusiasm I feel for cooking delicious and nutritious meals has only grown with every meal that I have cooked.

Why Home Cooking?

  1. Good health and longevity start at home in the kitchen. As a passionate home cook, you are the real hero in your kitchen and have complete control over the food you cook. It allows you to source the best real ingredients that are in season to create healthy and vibrant meals for your loved ones.

  1. Besides the health benefits, there is the whole special aspect to home cooking which probably brings the utmost joy to everyone involved. Home cooked meals have graced quiet family dinners and boisterous long table lunches from date night for two to Sunday suppers for the whole extended family. There is nothing like an honest home cooked meal to bring family and friends together.

  1. Home cooking is one of the most beautiful ways to create food with the ones you love the most. It is a culinary bonding exercise like no other. Creating meals with children is not only rewarding but a whole lot of fun, while cooking meals as a couple can be intimate and full of special moments.

  1. Home cooking has always been a great source of inspiration for amateur and expert cooks alike. When you cook at home and offer it up at a dinner party, potluck or girl’s night in; it always starts a conversation about the food and inspires others to try cooking the same dish.

  1. Home cooking is responsible for passing on skills, techniques and recipes down through generations while creating the most tantalising memories. It is so important to preserve our history and heritage.

My favourite home cooked recipes are the warming and comforting ones where the whole family can get involved. Like making pasta by hand or baking a cake or slow simmering a hearty curry with lots of vegetables. The easy conversation, the laughs, the curiosity, the questions, the spontaneity and the content sighs at the dinner table make it all worthwhile.

NEFF appliances understand this sentiment all too well and because of that, they have launched a competition to celebrate the real heroes in home kitchens all across Australia. The real heroes that are changing the lives of so many people, one wholesome and delicious meal at a time. With over $25,000 in prizes up for grabs, Australia’s 50 Best Home Cooks competition is not to be missed. Are you ready to create the best home cooked meal of your life? Then grab your aprons and enter here.


Authors Bio:

Sneh Roy is a food and lifestyle photographer and stylist based in Sydney, Australia. She is the creative force behind the multi-award winning food blog Cook Republic (http://www.cookrepublic.com). She is also the author of the Tasty Express cookbook.

Sneh develops recipes, styles and shoots cookbooks and creates content for magazines and food businesses all around the globe. She often conducts pop up workshops to teach food photography and styling from her home studio.

Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/cookrepublic

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