The benefits of a NEFF warming drawer


To get a warming drawer, or not to get a warming drawer? That’s a pretty big question. 

Warming drawers aren’t always considered an essential kitchen item, but there are several reasons why they might be on your list if you’re currently planning a kitchen renovation. Here are some of the benefits of the NEFF warming drawers.  

Pre-heating your serving dishes 

Food and drinks served with warmed plates or cups will also remain warmer for longer, making for a more enjoyable eating experience for your guests. This function works for dinner plates, soup bowls serving platters and espresso cups (at a lower setting).  

Hot tip: Serving steamed potatoes? Place the serving bowl in the warming drawer with some butter, herbs & salt & pepper then just toss the steamed potatoes through the melted butter mix before serving. 

Preserving the heat 

Whether you’re cooking multiple courses simultaneously or just want to serve your muffins and bread rolls warm, a warming drawer can be your best friend. This will help preserve the temperature of your meal without drying it out or overheating it. This also works when resting meat, keeping your dinner warm without drying it out. 

Hot tip: Your warming drawer is great for pancakes –  These are are usually best eaten as soon as cooked and the warming drawer keeps them beautifully for a nice tall stack.  

Get baking assistance 

As many experienced bakers know, the external temperature can make a huge difference to your baking. Use your warming drawer as an easy way to melt chocolate or proving yeast dough to give you the perfect environment for dough to prove for an optimum result.  

Thawing foods 

The gentle temperature inside the warming drawer can help you to thaw all types of foods, from scones, muffins and bread roles, to hardier meats or breads. Thawing food in your warming drawer will help regulate the temperature to decrease thawing time 

Hot tip: Need softened butter for a baking recipe but forgot to take it out of the fridge? Place it in the warming drawer and it will be ready to bake in no time. 

Filling a gap with function 

For many people, having a block of empty space below their built-in oven will drive them mad – not to mention ruining the sleek lines they’ve invested in. NEFF warming drawers come in two sizes (14cm and 29cm) allowing you to fill the gap below your oven with a functional appliance that offers a coordinated kitchen look. 

Want to learn more about NEFF warming drawers? Head over to our product page to see how they can integrate with your NEFF oven.  



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