What type of rangehood do I need?


When you’re planning a kitchen it’s easy to get caught up in the things you’re actually excited to use, like the cooktop and the oven. But there are other necessities that also need to be considered.

Many people think that you only need a rangehood for your cooktop in the event that something gets burnt. However, rangehoods are essential for keeping the air you breathe clean while you’re in the kitchen, and preventing a build-up of steam and grease on your kitchen cupboards.

When you’re planning a new kitchen, the type of rangehood you get can depend on a number of different factors, but we can help you to decide which would work best for you.

Wall-mounted rangehoods

These are one of the most common types of rangehoods. Wall-mounted above your cooktop, they act as a canopy above you as you cook. With NEFF’s efficient SilentDrive, our wall-mounted rangehoods not only save up to 80% energy but are whisper quiet when the fan is in use. With the addition of LED illumination, you’ll always be able to see what you’re cooking.

These types of rangehoods are recommended for more traditional bench-set cooktops, and can be installed to operate in Exhaust Air Mode (where the air is cleaned by grease filters and sent outside through a series of pipes) or in Circulating Air Mode (where the air is drawn in, cleaned by grease filters and an activated carbon filter before being recirculated back into the kitchen).

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Integrated and Slideout Rangehoods

Your rangehood is one of the most functional appliances in your kitchen, but that doesn’t mean it has to work against the aesthetic appeal and clean lines you worked so hard to build. Our Slideout rangehoods are designed to slide out when you need them and can be pushed back to sit flush with your cupboards when not in use.

Integrated rangehoods are designed to be fitted within your overhead canopy kitchen unit. Their discreet design helps to save space and preserve the look of your kitchen. They’re perfect for kitchens where space is at a premium, and with quiet exhaust fans and LED lighting you can stay focussed on what you’re cooking.

Click here to see our Integrated and Slideout rangehood models.


Worktop rangehoods

Not all rangehoods need to sit overhead. In fact, our worktop rangehoods can be a great all-in-one solution. This two-in-one appliance fits the rangehood into the centre of your cooktop, making it the perfect appliance for open plan kitchens with an island. Without an overhead rangehood, you can have unobstructed views of your living space as you cook.

With double flex induction cooktops, you have plenty of room for all your cooking, with the size and shape of your pots automatically detected and the heat adjusted for their exact location. The removable magnetic TwistPadFire® dial can also let you control both the induction cooktop and the ventilation settings from one central control zone.

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