Winter foods that aren’t too heavy


You don’t feel like a salad in the dead of winter, but that doesn’t mean you’re in the mood for something heavy.  

Rich sauces, melted cheese and long simmering times. Sure, there’s a lot to love about winter foods. But finding a hearty, warming and comforting recipe doesn’t mean giving up freshness.  

These winter recipes are perfect for indulging on a cold, winter night. Not only are these comforting dishes sure to be the new classics, but you’re going to feel less like you’re morphing into a potato by the end of it – even if your Netflix account is telling a different story. 

Here are some of our top picks from around The NEFF Kitchen: 

Risotto recipes 

We’re big fans of risotto here in the NEFF Kitchen because it is always a comforting yet impressive recipe to make. Many people are put off because it seems like a lot of effort, but trust us that’s not the case. We have an easy risotto you can make in under an hour in your steam oven. Plus, we also have a delicious pumpkin risotto that is perfect for autumn cooking.Don’t have a steam oven? Find out about steam ovens here. We have FullSteam ovens which are a normal oven and a steamer in one!  

Layered vegetable pie 

If you’re craving the cheesy comfort of a baked lasagne you can reach for our classic three cheese and mushroom lasagne. But if you want something a bit lighter and more packed full of vegetables ,then you have to try our layered vegetable pie. Topped with crispy bread crumbs and fresh basil, it will be your new winter favourite. 

Ricotta Gnocchi 

Sometimes there’s nothing that will hit the spot like some cheese on a cold winter night. But this recipe proves that it doesn’t have to be a greasy cheddar. Our ricotta gnocchi recipe has soft pillows of gnocchi offset with a creamy pumpkin and blue cheese sauce.  

Chickpea curry 

If curry is what you crave then a vegetarian option may be the solution. Not only is our Chickpea Curry recipe incredibly easy to make with the help of a NEFF FullSteam oven, but with chickpeas and lentils you’ll be full without the meat.  

No matter what you’re craving we have a delicious solution that is sure to hit the spot. And if you just can’t rest without some mac and cheese, there’s nothing wrong with that either. 


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