(Meal) preparation is the key to success.

Meal prepping might generally be associated with strict diets and the same old salad, but those versions are doing it wrong. In our world, the best meal prepping involves cooking big batches of delicious meals that can stretch over several days. 

Whether it’s a roast, stew, or curry, part of the joy of winter meals comes from their scalability. It’s not hard to bulk up ingredients from one dinner and have lunches sorted well into the week — something especially useful with new standards for working from home.   

In the interests of time and full tummies we’ve put together our favourite meal prep-ready recipes so you can get the most out of your cooking experience. 

Winter Curries 

If you’re looking to master curries, our chicken korma recipe is a great place to start. The standard recipe serves four-six, which you can stretch by doubling the ingredients. The NEFF Flex Induction cooktops come with zones which can be combined to accommodate large pans, they automatically pick up the size and shape of the pan and heat precisely where it needed. Perfect for this style of cooking. 

For a meat-free option, try our chickpea and lentil recipe, and get creative with our eggplant in coconut mustard option. For something a little lighter, Thai green curry will be your best bet.  

Family Sized Pies 

If ever there was a time you could chow down on pie without guilt, it’s winter. The meaty version is about as comforting as comfort food gets, but there are a host of ingredients you can get brewing under that pastry lid.  


The first on our list is a staple: beef and mushroom pie. The beef mixture in this one incorporates Dijon mustard and star anise and is bound with a little corn flour or tapioca starch. You can use store-bought puff pastry to save time, but doubling the ingredients would call for larger sheets and cooking pots. We advise that you cook double filling but cook your final pies in multiple batches or dishes.  


For something a little different and with a lot more greens, our layered vegetable pie is the way to go. Building up slices of overlapped sweet potato and eggplant slices is the trick, and will make for filling, nourishing portions. Home cooks love this one for guests because of the salad topping, which combines shallots, ricotta and basil for an element of freshness. It’s best not to tinker with this recipe’s volume, but with a serving size of six-eight you’ll still have enough for tomorrow’s lunch. Just make sure you save some of the topping too.  

Winter Roasts 

Roasts are the meal prepper’s favourite dish because they’re so versatile. Instead of going back to the same dish throughout the week, you’re able to take the meat and change it on the fly. Roast chicken salad? Done. Roast beef sandwich? Even easier. 

roast-chickenFor chicken lovers, you can’t go past our whole roast chicken and vegetable combo. We’ve all chucked a chook in the oven before, but using CircoRoast with our  spice rub takes this a new level. For roast turkey, our combination of CircoTherm® and VarioSteam cooks meat so tender and moist you’ll never look back.  

 Those hankering for some red meat should look no further than our slow roasted lamb leg. The spicy crust gives depth of flavour and the marinate makes for succulent meat. Beginners should check out the ultimate NEFF guide to cooking lamb, and anyone looking for a new take should try out Indian spiced roast lamb 


Got leftover meat? Mix and match your above options, making roast lamb pies with your leftover pastry or pairing leftover roast veggies with a side of pie.

A little bit of planning really goes a long way at the start of the week. 



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