Tips from the top: World’s 50 Best Restaurants


Who took the leading spots in this year’s 50 Best Restaurants? And what we can learn from them in our own home kitchens?

Our tastebuds have been tingling for months in anticipation for this morning’s World’s 50 Best Restaurants announcement. Now, the results are in!

We were very excited to see Melbourne’s Attica make its way up the list to claim spot number 20. The local favourite has jumped up 12 places since last year, putting Australian cuisine back on the map. And from the home-style Italian innovations of Osteria Francescana in first place, to the modern communal dining experiences of Eleven Madison Park in second, we’re just as inspired as we were last year to up our own game in the kitchen!

So, here are 5 tips and tricks this year’s top five can teach us in our own homes:

No. 1 Osteria Francescana, Modena Italy

After slipping to second place in last year’s rankings, Massimo Bottura’s contemporary Italian eatery has reclaimed its deserving spot at the top of the list. We’re excited to draw inspiration from the way Osteria takes its diners on a journey, weaving stories using similar ingredients or colours across courses to bring the whole meal together.
And while we perfect the art of culinary storytelling, we’re also still learning from Bottura’s signature dish: The Crunchy Part of the Lasagna, a modern reinvention of the classic, coveted corner of a good homecooked lasagna. Who said comfort food needs to be boring?

No. 2 El Celler de Can Roca, Girona Spain

Twice ranked no.1 in the world, and now sneaking back up to number two, this restaurant sure knows how to please the family-minded food lover. Run by three brothers, the iconic brand embraces the concept of getting the whole family involved – something we’re definitely bringing into our own kitchens.

Bring your own dinner parties to life by letting each different member of your family take charge of a different part of the meal. Delegating the expertise of the wine list, the entrée, mains and desserts can ease the pressure off one person – and turn a simple meal into a memorable moment.

No. 3 Mirazur, Menton France

This 12-year-old restaurant is nestled in the idyllic scenes of the French Rivieria – posing a small challenge for its diners: it’s hard to peel your eyes away from the gorgeous scenery for long enough to appreciate the world-class culinary offerings.

But back to the food, we’re taking a leaf out of chef Mauro Colagreco’s book, and embracing local ingredients in our own kitchens. The top 3 restaurant uses ingredients from its own gardens and local green thumbs – something we could easily do in our own homes. Plan your meals around what you see in your garden and you’ll never be disappointed!

No. 4 Eleven Madison Park, New York

Last year’s champions have slipped down to fourth place while their New York “cheesecake” with sturgeon and caviar continues to astound the palate with a savoury, smoky twist.

But while home cooks are hesitant to try Daniel Humm’s complex flavour combinations, there’s one element of Eleven Madison Park that we can all learn a thing or two from: breaking down the barriers between the kitchen and dining rooms.

Open-plan or no open-plan, connecting the cooking experience with the people you’re cooking for is a great way to reignite your culinary experiences. Open up the kitchen and invite them in!

No. 5 Central, Lima Peru

The unsuspecting new culinary destination of Lima remains one of the most highly regarded hubs for modern food. Chef Virgilio Martinez’s modern Peruvian cuisine takes diners on a journey through the country’s rich landscapes, from the depths of the ocean to the highest peaks.

Follow his lead and think outside the box – all the way outside – at your next feast. By mixing cuisines, using various cooking styles and ingredients, and bringing a bit of the beauty of your country to the plate, you can take your guests on a journey through flavour.


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