3 of our favourite apple pie toppings


Upgrade your apple pie with one of these cool and creamy toppings this winter.

Winter dessert trends come and go, but there is one recipe that never goes out of fashion – the traditional apple pie. That combination of buttery pastry with the sweet sharpness of stewed apples makes for a dessert that the whole family will love.

But why not shake things up by experimenting with a few different toppings that will give the classic dessert a fun twist? From homemade vanilla ice-cream to crème anglaise, here are three great apple pie accompaniments to serve with your dessert this winter:

Crème Anglaise

Crème Anglaise is a French pouring custard made from sugar, eggs, vanilla and hot milk. Served warm, the creamy accompaniment will seep into the pasty and ooze through the filling for a surge of flavour. While traditionally quite a sophisticated dish, crème anglaise is easy to make in your NEFF Steam Oven. Simply place all ingredients in a mixing bowl, whisk until combined, and place in the oven for 30 minutes. Then give a quick stir and drizzle over your steaming hot pie. Click here for the NEFF recipe.

Home-made Ice Cream

Ice-cream is certainly the most popular choice when it comes to apple pie toppings. But you don’t have to buy it from a supermarket to impress your guests. Made from only four ingredients that you already have in the kitchen, home-made ice-cream is easy to whip up the night before and store in the freezer, ready for the next day. Mix things up by adding some chunky chocolate pieces or nuts to give your classic vanilla that extra bit of flavour!

Whipped Cream

Don’t like mixing cold ice-cream with your warm apple pie? A dollop of fresh whipped cream strikes the perfect balance, cutting through the sweetness with a light and fluffy texture. Classic whipped cream is an essential recipe that every home cook needs in their arsenal. Give it a twist by adding some unique flavours such as honey or maple syrup for extra sweetness! Click here for the recipe.

No matter what you choose to top your apple pie with, the all-time classic dessert will not disappoint. Try our ultimate apple pie recipe, infused with apricots, candied ginger and cinnamon – a delicious dessert to warm up the family home this winter.

Click here for our apple Pie recipe.


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