5 indulgent recipes to try before the New Year


Desserts you must try before your 2020 diet kicks in

January 1 is around the corner, which means you may be thinking about your goals for 2020. Studies show that the most common new year’s resolution in Australia is ‘to get fit’. This is closely followed by ‘eating better’ which isn’t exactly conducive to our flavoursome collection of decadent desserts.

We don’t want you to miss out, so we’ve put together a list of mouth-watering cakes that will help send off 2019 in style and set you up for a great 2020.

Indulgent Vanilla Layer Cake

When it comes to impressive cakes, a little bit of height can make a world of difference. This recipe is stacked with three layers of heavenly cake, made with steam and assembled with white chocolate ganache between each level. Topped with raspberries and white chocolate truffles, our Indulgent Vanilla Layer Cake is worth every calorie. Click here for the NEFF recipe.

Raspberry Sponge Cake

Looking for a cake that will wow your guests at your New Years’ Eve party? Our raspberry sponge will definitely do the trick. All you need is a good mixer and perfect oven temperate to make sure your sponge rise and achieve that feather-light texture. Garnished with sweet raspberries and rose petals, this dessert takes pretty in pink to a whole new level. And did we mention that it only takes 20 minutes to cook? Click here for the NEFF recipe.

Cherry Ripe Layer Cake

You can’t go on a diet without trying this recipe first. Inspired by Australia’s oldest chocolate bar, the Cherry Ripe Layer Cake is the ultimate dessert to eat before your health kick begins. It has layers of chocolate sponge with cherry and coconut filling that will have you coming back for seconds and thirds. Click here for the NEFF recipe.

Cherry Ripe Layer Cake

Layered Gingerbread Cake

Sure, gingerbread is great, but have you ever tried this fragrant dessert in layered form? Made with Gewurzhaus spices, our recipe combines some of our favourite flavours including golden syrup, custard and cream cheese which doesn’t just look good, but tastes great too. You better make it before the New Year, because you won’t be able to resist if you see the dessert sitting on your kitchen bench. Click here for the NEFF recipe.

Ultimate chocolate cake

How could we create a list of indulgent cakes without including our decadent chocolate cake. It’s the ultimate crowd pleaser and so easy to make. Simply add all ingredients and mix it with an electric beater until it is light and fluffy. Then let your NEFF oven do the rest. Covered in dark chocolate ganache, it’s bound to become your next family favourite. Click here for the NEFF recipe.

Chocolate ganache

Click here to check out our range of NEFF ovens that will help you get the best result for your cakes in the new year. And if your goal is to improve your baking, book yourself into a free product demonstration with a home economist that will show you how to use your appliance to its full potential.

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