Our favourite homemade American dinners and desserts


Craving some American hospitality at your next dinner party? Transport your guests to the world of chicken wings and cheesecake with our favourite American dishes and desserts.

From deep-fried and cheesy comfort foods, to moreish dinners packed with flavour and love, American cuisine has a lot to offer your recipe book.

Build an American-inspired menu next time you’re hosting with these easy and delicious recipes – packed with sentiment and southern comfort, but with a sophisticated foodie’s twist.

Finger-licking sticky pork ribs

These hands-on sticky ribs are irresistible to guests of all ages. The garlic and chilli glaze has hints of paprika, fennel and star anise to elevate the flavour profile to a new level, while your CircoTherm® oven makes for a seamless cooking process (and perfectly cooked, tender meat).

Three cheese macaroni cheese

This extra cheesy take on a southern classic is packed with creamy goodness and the coveted crispy, golden grilled cheese on top. A sure win for any dinner party or barbeque – especially with the kids.

Not-so-New York Lemon Cheesecake

It may not be a baked cheesecake from a café near Central Park, but it’s enough to delight even the most discerning palate at your next dinner party. With a hint of lemon and a rich creamy filling, this decadent cheesecake recipe is one of the most popular recipes in the NEFF kitchen.

Pulled Pork Sliders

Americans love their black coffee and a good slow-cooked pulled pork. This recipe combines the best of the two into a spiced pork shoulder slider – perfect for eating on the go and served with a delicious fresh slaw. Your NEFF VarioSteam oven will make this recipe easy as American pie.

pulled pork sliders

Almost-buffalo Chicken Wings

With a spicy tomato dipping sauce and a touch of crispy coconut, these crumbed chicken wings are calling your name. Great for dinner with a fresh salad to complement, or served buffet-style at your next barbeque, they’re surprisingly easy to make (and even easier to eat).

Crispy coconut chicken wings

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