Why you should attend a NEFF product demonstration


Even if you read your oven user manual from cover to cover, the chances are you’re still not using it to the best of its abilities. But a free NEFF demonstration can change that.

When you make the leap to purchase any kitchen appliance, you’re making a long term commitment. Many factors likely influenced your buying decision, but we find that a lot of our customers are drawn to NEFF for the cutting edge, unique features of our products. Unfortunately, those same customers tend to fall back on old habits and as a result they aren’t using their appliance to its full capabilities. Here are four reasons to attend a NEFF product demonstration.

Get tips and tricks for using your appliance

Any piece of new technology comes with a learning curve. For some people, you’ll flick through the instructions once and try to wing it from there. For others, those instructions are always close at hand and as well-worn as your favourite paperback. The problem for many is that this method often only helps you to learn a single function at a time, with a long period between uses.

In a NEFF product demonstration, you’re taken through various appliances, settings and recipes with the option to get hands-on so you can learn even better. Take notes to remember your favourite tips and create your own quick access guide for your favourite recipes!

Ask an expert all your burning questions

Maybe one of your recipes just never quite turns out right, or you’re hesitant to try using your steam functions in case you ruin your whole meal. Our free NEFF product demonstrators are not just experts when it comes to all things NEFF, but they all come from cooking backgrounds. Whether they’re experienced chefs or trained cooks who focus on recipe development, they’re knowledgeable when it comes to your kitchen.

Get recipe inspiration

Speaking of our highly trained demonstrators, if you need some fun, unique and simple ways to make amazing meals using your NEFF appliances, the demonstrations will spark your foodie fire.

Recreate the recipes you make during your NEFF demonstration or use your newfound knowledge of your NEFF appliance to make one of the delicious recipes from The NEFF Kitchen.

Fall back in love with your appliance

Those old habits we mentioned? We all fall back on them from time to time. Sometimes you forget the benefits of the functions you fell in love with, or use a basic setting when the back of your mind is screaming at you to switch on VarioSteam.

When you attend one of our NEFF Product Demonstrations, you’ll fall back in love with your appliance. You’ll be excited by tricks and tips you never thought of, inspired to try making something you usually buy from the store, or even become more adventurous with your meal planning. Plus, did we mention all the delicious food you get to eat?

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