Desserts that Taste Better when Prepared in Advance


Save yourself time down the track by pre-preparing with these desserts recipes

Preparing food hours or days in advance might seem terribly organised — a lot of work, even — but it’s precisely the opposite. Once ‘past you’ has done all the hard yards, ‘future you’ can enjoy the spoils. That alone should make these desserts even sweeter.

Time-traveling gifts aside, there are also desserts with compositions inherently suited to being left alone to rest. Flavours diffuse through layers, icings gain patinas, and mixtures set. The combination makes for a dessert honed by time that you can whip out on a whim.

If all this sounds like something you could get involved in, read on for a collection of desserts you can prepare earlier.

Chocolate Chilli Truffle Cake

The Mayans might not be good at predictions, but their mixing of chocolate and chilli was divinely inspired. This truffle cake makes use of the age-old flavour combo, bringing in espresso and cinnamon, and mixing them with chilli flakes and chilli powder. Once cooked, this cake will have a slight wobble and will require six to eight hours in the fridge to stiffen.

The marriage of chilli, different grades of chocolate, and a distinct drop in temperature will dance over your palate in a host of unusual ways.

Read the full Chocolate Chilli Truffle Cake recipe.

Classic Lemon Tart

Everyone needs a solid tart recipe up their sleeve and this one will be yours. Producing a crispy golden crust and sunshine-yellow filling, this tart is one guests will eat with their eyes. And because you can tuck it away to chill, they’ll be impressed when you pull it out of nowhere.

Tarts and their pastries can be difficult so we advise you follow this recipe closely. The trick is to master the sift and whisk gently to avoid bubbles. You’ll have this one down in no time.

Read the full Classic Lemon Tart recipe.

Festive Gingerbread Layer Cake

People and houses aren’t the only things that can be fashioned out of gingerbread. This layered cake gives both a run for their money, with discs of dough packed with tasty custard and cream cheese filling.

Be careful not to make custard too runny, and be diligent with the gingerbread to make sure it doesn’t over bake. The colouration will be the giveaway — pull it out before it gets to dark and then you’ll be able to enjoy the perfect amount of crunch when you serve this one the next day.

Read the full Festive Gingerbread Layer Cake recipe.

Apple Kuchen Tart

Apple kuchen is to Germany what apple pie is to America, a homely classic. For those familiar with the latter, this will provide a welcome surprise via sour cream and salted caramel. You don’t need to cool this one over night, but flavour sets in after a few hours.

If you’re impatient, try some after cooling, and then pop the rest in the fridge to try later.

Read the full Apple Kuchen Tart recipe.

Nectarine Frangipane

Don’t like apple? This frangipane is presented similarly to the kuchen, but packed with stone fruit.

Apricot jam combines with orange juice, cinnamon, and a dash of Grand Marnier orange liqueur for layers of zesty flavour. Just like the kuchen, this only requires an hour of cooling, but will benefit from more.

Read the full Nectarine Frangipane recipe.

Vanilla Slice with Passionfruit Icing

If there’s one dessert you can be sure to keep well in the fridge, it’s a slice. Always available to have a sliver chopped and enjoyed, this custard-filled vanilla slice will keep you content for days.

The flavour comes from a custard filling and passionfruit icing, and texture from a pastry that will be sandwiched by both. You’ll want the pastry flat for the icing, so push it down with a spoon if it bubbles while cooking.

This one will only require 40-odd minutes of total prep and cooking time, but its 16 pieces will last much longer.

Read the full Vanilla Slice with Passionfruit Icing recipe.


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