Delicious donut fillings and glazes


Try homemade donuts at home with these delicious filling and glaze ideas that will transform one donut recipe into an unlimited number of flavour combinations.

There’s no denying that Australians love donuts. In fact, they’re so popular that you’ll struggle to walk past a café, petrol station, supermarket or bakery that isn’t stocking the delicious treats. But have you ever tried to make them at home?

Soft and fluffy, these sweet treats are simple to make, and you can flavour them in a variety of different ways that will completely transform our base recipe.

From homemade jam to citrus curd, here are a few fillings you can try at home to really impress your family and friends

Strawberry jam

It’s hard to beat a hot jam donut. We called on our home economists to provide the perfect strawberry jam recipe that will make your donuts even sweeter. Just put the jam into the piping bag and inject it into the donut for an extra surge of flavour. Click here for the NEFF recipe.


Want to cut through the sweetness of your donut with some citrus zing? Then try our foolproof marmalade recipe that is packed full of naval oranges that are currently in season. Full of zest, our house made marmalade is the perfect companion to your doughy desserts. Click here for the NEFF recipe.

Chocolate and coffee icing

Sure, Nutella infused donuts are great, but why not add a little coffee for a more grown up kick? The icing from our Coffee Scrolls recipe is a delicious mixture of espresso, cream and Nutella that would pair perfectly with the flavour of donuts. This recipe makes quite a runny icing which may be best suited for pouring over your donuts as a glaze. If you’d prefer to fill them, try adding more cream to thicken the mixture and help them hold their shape within the donut. Click here for the NEFF recipe.

Homemade fruit glazes

Feeling fruity? Make your own sinfully sweet glaze from seasonal (or frozen) fruits and pour over your cooled donuts for a colourful finish. When making your own fruit glazes, it’s important to adjust the sweetness depending on the fruit you’ve selected – for example, strawberries are naturally sweeter than rhubarb and would require less sugar. Try blueberries, raspberries or even passionfruit for a mix of colours.

Most glazes work on a 1:3 ratio of fruit to icing or confectioners sugar (so 2 cups of frozen berries to 6 cups of icing sugar), but it’s important to taste as you go and adjust your recipe as required. Simply combine your fruit (chopped, mashed or pureed work best – if using frozen defrost in the microwave first) with your sugar and whisk to combine. For a smoother glaze, run the mixture through a fine sieve or cheesecloth to remove any lumps of fruit.

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