Entertain your vegetarian friends with these meat-free meals


If you’ve grown up as a meat-eater, entertaining your vegetarian friends can be daunting

We’ve put together a guide to help you navigate this new territory with crowd pleasing recipes that even the carnivores at the table will love. From entrée to dessert, these meals are delicious and satisfying so your vegetarian guests will be begging for an invitation back to your humble abode.

Worried that vegetarian meals aren’t filling enough? Don’t be.


Appetisers set the tone for the entire evening and can be enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere while sipping on a glass of wine. It’s important to make sure these dishes are small enough to keep your guests satisfied but not filling enough to spoil the next meal. One of our go-to appetisers is bruschetta, from tomato to mushroom, there are a number of fun, creative and vibrant toppings you can choose from. Another option is our famous molten camembert with honey roasted grapes which can be served with a tasty olive and rosemary focaccia. You can also prepare a vegetarian antipasto platter, with a range of cheese, dried fruit and nuts for your guests to pick on. Click here to check out our tips on how to make your grazing board more photogenic.

Tomato bruschetta


Roast veggies not your thing? Don’t worry there are plenty of wholesome and delicious main meals that will let your culinary skills shine. How about a fresh dish of spinach and ricotta cannelloni or mushroom lasagne served straight out of the oven?  These well known dishes are delicious, comforting and easy to make, so you know they will always be popular among your guests. You can also spice things up with a vegetarian curry such as our chickpea and lentil curry or eggplant curry that brings the flavours of India to your dinner table.


Ditch a boring side with our quinoa salad or veggie fries with avocado dip. Made with beetroot, carrot and sweet potato, these will add a pop of colour to your dinner table so it can look its best. Home chefs are also raving about our roasted baby beetroot with pistachio feta and kale chips. It’s got that yummy crunch that you want in a side, without the extra calories. And don’t forget about caramelised carrots with roasted pine-nuts. They can be eaten hot, or at room temperature making it a great, no fuss side while your managing multiple dishes at the same time.

Caramelised carrots feature


Dessert is easy! Check out our list of the best winter desserts including caramel bread and butter pudding, sticky date pudding and a classic apple pie. If your vegetarian friends love their fruit as much as their veggies, perhaps you should opt for some light and fruity options such as our almond custard tart with mango or orange and rhubarb cake. Or, if you want to take your cake making skills to new heights, try our range of multi-layered cakes that will make you the talk of the party.

Good luck!

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