A good lunch can make all the difference to your afternoon – no matter your age or job description! Just because you’re short on time doesn’t mean you should be short on healthy lunchbox ideas to get you through the work week.

Here in the NEFF kitchen, we’ve got some tips, recipes and ideas for the perfect grownup lunch box – filled with fuel for when you’re heading back to work.

No matter what you choose, variety is key. Try to make a few different things each week to keep it interesting, and don’t forget to pack some fresh fruit, nuts or raw vegetables and dips as a snack.

Leverage your leftovers

If you’re passionate about cooking delicious meals for your family and friends at home, chances are that your suppers are already hearty, wholesome and delicious. Why not kill two meals with one stone and make a little extra each evening? You can repurpose the leftovers the next day – an easy and stress-free addition to your lunch box.

Hot tip: Some foods keep better than others, so ensure you plan ahead. For example, a serving of comforting Vegetable Gratin or just as good after a few nights in the fridge and a quick reheat in the oven, but a salad may not. Our Potato Focaccia also holds its flavour, making for a delicious second take once warmed up.


Opt for quick and easy

Not all meals require hours spent slaving over a stove. Whip up a lunch box meal that fills you up, but doesn’t fill up your time – you can make these the night before, or make use of your office kitchen if available.

We love a plate of Tomato and Basil Linguini for lunch, which only takes 30 minutes to whip up alongside your dinner. Our Asian chicken meatball soup is just as easy – taking less than half an hour to throw together using the NEFF FullSteam function.


Bite sized is the right size

Sometimes, the hardest part of making lunch to go is trying to transport it in your bag without major spills or the hassle of plastic bags and extra packaging. If you can, choose easy-to-handle portions of your favourite meals when you’re planning your lunches.

For example, our Chilli Thai chicken cakes are perfect for a small midday snack, best served with a small container of sweet lime dipping sauce. A slice of French onion quiche also makes for easy transportation, with no risk of mess. Or, why not try baking our aforementioned vegetable gratin in smaller individual containers to begin with? No serving needed, just delicious ready-to-go nutrition.

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