How to give your NEFF kitchen a seamless finish


Did you know that you can combine multiple kitchen appliances into one for a seamless look?

If you’re buying multiple built-in NEFF appliances, but are not so keen on filling your kitchen walls with various separate ovens and microwaves, look no further. With NEFF’s easy-to-install combination trims, you don’t have to forego easy access and a stylish aesthetic just because you’re combining multiple options.

You can stack and sit a range of NEFF appliances on top of each other to make them look like one seamless stack. That way, your ovens and appliances will work together neatly and stylishy, fitting in perfectly with the rest of your kitchen.

Here’s how:

Seamless combination trims

To make two appliances look like one continuous vertical oven, you can purchase a set of seamless combination trims – easy to apply and made from the highest quality stainless steel. Simply slot the trims into the sides of the in-built appliance stack, which will fill the gaps and connect the two ovens seamlessly.

We have three types of seamless combination kits to help create your perfect stack of NEFF appliances:

  • For those with limited space, you can combine a 45cm compact appliance, such as a compact built-in steam oven, with a 14cm warming drawer by fitting a set of the Z11SZ60X0 combination trims for the finishing touches.
  • To keep your dishes warm before a large dinner party, you can combine a 60cm full size oven with a 29cm warming drawer with Z11SZ80XO combination trims
  • And for those who need to double their oven space or diversify their appliances, the Z11SZ90X0 combination trims can bring a 45cm compact alliance together along with a 60cm full size oven with ease.

Need help creating your perfect combination? Simply call our friendly customer service team on 1300 087 033.

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