How to make a show-stopping grazing board


The ultimate guide to a homemade grazing board…

Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a large-scale event, a stylish grazing board will always impress your guests. It’s easy to make, with interactive elements that take the pressure off entertaining and ensure everyone has something delicious on their plate.

Social media platforms have set the bar high when it comes to styling your platter, so we’ve spoken to the experts about how to make your grazing table standout.

Here are their top tips, including what size to go for, when to buy your produce and how to make the platter as photogenic as possible:

    • The first thing you need to do is choose a theme for the board. Whether it’s rustic or tropical, this theme will be consistent throughout the board with small touches that bring it together and ensure it looks polished.
    • Consider the number of guests and space you have to work with as this will make up your shopping list. We recommend always getting a canvas that is slightly smaller than required as it will make the platter look full and luscious. Plus, there is nothing wrong with setting a few dishes to the side of the platter if you run out of room.
    • When it comes to arranging your board, place large items such as cheese, fruit and bowls on the board first. Then start filling in the space with medium sized items such as crackers and charcuterie, nestling them next to the larger ingredients to create a sense of balance and abundance. The final touch is the nuts, pretzels, and chocolate to fill in any gaps.
    • Want to really stand out? Play with props to add height and introduce new layers to your piece. This can be as simple as adding a cake stand for your mini quiches and bagels. Or elevating your bread sticks so they stand upright. If you want some serious elevation, try a large floral arrangement that can be placed in the back corner of the table.
    • If you want to provide a food offering that is a little more substantial, you can try one of our homemade recipes, such as rosemary and olive focaccia, prosciutto wrapped figs or molten camembert with red grapes. These simple additions will make your offering more wholesome and filling, while showcasing your culinary skills.
    • Don’t be afraid to mix savoury and sweet dishes on your grazing board. While people often like to separate the two, this can add an additional layer of complexity with contrasting flavours that somehow work together. Whether it’s fruit or chocolate covered pretzels, the options are endless.
    • Quality is more important than quantity. So, make sure your produce is extremely fresh. This will ensure the ingredients are juicy and crisp when your guests bite into them.
    • Make your platter even more photo-ready with the addition of fresh herbs, greenery and flowers to compliment your food and add a pop of colour to the board.

    Wondering how to store your left-over cheese after the event? Click here to read our guide on how to soft soft and hard cheese.

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