Ask most people what their go-to comfort food is, and pasta is likely to be on their shortlist.

From a hearty serving of fluffy gnocchi to a forkful of twirled linguini, nothing beats a bowl of pasta – even better when it’s made with love. So, we’ve collected our favourite homemade pasta and sauce recipes from around the NEFF kitchen to bring a little bit of Italy into your own kitchen.

Why homemade?

When it’s so easy to buy pasta from the supermarket, making your own can feel like a daunting task. But homemade pasta is easier than you imagine, and has a texture and flavour unrivalled by the bulk supermarket stock. Plus, there’s nothing like a homemade sauce to round out a family meal.

What ingredients do I need to make pasta?

This depends on what kind of pasta you’re making. From lasagne to spaghetti, most traditional homemade pasta recipes use flour and eggs, sometimes with additional salt, but you can also find egg-free, gluten-free and rice flour pastas, so keep looking.

It’s imperative to use fresh eggs, and most recipes call for quality flour types like “00” or semolina. Here are some hot tips to nail your recipes:

Know when to fold

Kneading is a key part of pasta making. The perfect dough has been folded, and re-folded, until the eggs and flour are seamlessly combined.

Olive oil is your friend

Is your dough too dry? Add a few drops of olive oil. Don’t use water or more eggs, as this will mess with the consistency. Too sticky? Use a bit of extra flour.

Let it rest

To give your pasta the best chance at success, wrap it and give it time to rest for at least an hour – overnight if possible. This makes it easier to roll your dough out and cut it into your desired shape.

Now, choose your recipe and get started.

Make gnocchi from scratch (the Italian way)

Soften your potatoes, measure out your flour and grind your salt – it’s time to serve up a bowl of NEFF’s delightful gnocchi dumplings, cooked to perfection in your Fullsteam oven. With only three ingredients, this potato pasta is one of the easiest ways to attempt to make pasta at home. When the small pieces of fluffy comfort have risen to the surface, top them with a roasted tomato sauce.

Ricotta gnocchi with pumpkin and blue cheese sauce

Ready to step it up a notch? This creamy ricotta gnocchi is just as easy to whip up with all the ingredients in one bowl. The sauce is a delicate, cheesy concoction laced with fresh basil and sautéed vegetables, sure to become a family favourite for the adults around the table.

Make your own pumpkin pasta

This fresh, colourful take on homemade pasta is the perfect way to make your pasta a little more exciting (and healthy). Kids will love the orange hue, and your palate will love the simple, striking flavours. By adding ½ cup of pumpkin puree to your salt, eggs and flour, you’ve got a winning comfort recipe on your hands. Or step it up a notch with our garlic and feta-stuffed Pumpkin Ravioli recipe.

The perfect tomato and basil pasta sauce

Best served atop an al dente bowl of fresh linguini, this heirloom tomato sauce recipe has fast become a staple in the NEFF recipe book. Fill your induction cooktop with the scent of Italy and whip up this seasonal mix of ripe tomatoes, chili, garlic, basil, olive oil and white wine in under 20 minutes.

Tomato and basil linguini

Try this walnut-sage butter

When it comes to pasta, less is often more – especially if you’re short on time. This quick and creamy mix of roasted walnuts, fresh sage leaves and melted butter can help bring your homemade pasta to life. We can highly recommend this sauce on a bowl of beetroot gnocchi.


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