The family is descending, the seasons are turning, and the table is empty. What’s on the menu for Easter lunch this year?

You’ve got a main dish (or two) to perfect, multiple side dishes and desserts to prepare, and a whole family of hungry mouths to impress. Without a solid plan for which dishes to cook when and how to make the most of your time, the celebration preparations can become tricky.

Luckily, there are various ways to make the process easier, especially in a NEFF kitchen. Plus, our chefs have done the hard part of the scheduling for you! Here’s what to cook the day before, what to prioritise and how to cook some of your menu at the same time:

  1. 1. Cook your sweets the day before 

Nothing says Easter like hot cross buns. But nothing says easy planning when they’re already made and ready to toast! Get your breads, Easter cupcakes and hot cross buns in the oven a day in advance of your family feast, and simply heat them on the day to save time. It’s the perfect opportunity to get the kids involved before the hoards arrive too!

  1. 2. Leave your meat for the morning

Your lamb souvlaki and baked salmon (or any other main dish of choice) are the most important meals to master. But meats in particular are best served fresh and warm, so we’d suggest waiting until the day of to get these into the oven. Depending on what you’re planning on cooking, you may even be able to save time with your NEFF CircoTherm oven by cooking multiple dishes at the same time, without mingling the flavours and scents – multitasking at its most delicious! Click here for some recipes that can be cooked together.

  1. 3. Save the salads for last

There’s nothing worse than a wilted or watery salad that’s been left out for too long. So, while your meat dishes are on the go, we’d suggest preparing your fresh items like salads and roasted potatoes a few hours before serving, and roasted vegetables just before the guests arrive in order to maintain fresh textures and powerful flavour profiles. Both the roast vegetable salad and mixed grain salad can take a fair while, so make sure you’ve left enough time before kick-off to set up your table spread!

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