Kids can be fussy eaters, especially when there’s sugary party food in the mix. But lollies and chips aren’t the only way to put a smile on their faces. We’ve collected our favourite kids party food recipes (that even the adults will enjoy).

If you’ve ever found yourself at a kid’s party, you definitely would have noticed the mad scramble for the last lolly at the food table. Little hands, buzzing with excitement, will often head straight for the sugary, colourful options on the table.

Realistically, it’s up to us adults to provide a more balanced, delicious table that everyone will enjoy – and not one only packed with colourants and artificial flavours. Here in the NEFF kitchen, we’ve collected our 4 favourite kids party food ideas to get those little tastebuds tingling, and make some adults happy too:

You can’t go wrong with a Sausage Roll

Especially when it’s made from this fool-proof, buttery recipe. Easy to make and quintessentially Australian, these rich, flaky baked treats are perfect for small hands. Plus, they keep well overnight (not that you’re likely to find any leftovers).

Baked potato chips

Put that packet of crisps back on the shelf and head for the fresh potato aisle. There’s much more fun to be had with a Kipfler and a NEFF oven. We’ve got a simple recipe for the perfect batch of crispy potato chips – baked with love every time! Plus easy ways to give them a new flavour twist.

Chocolate chip cookies

No party would be complete without a few sweet treats. Our chocolate chip biscuit recipe is one of our favourite kids party foods and is sure to have even the adults coming back for more. Packed with oozy chocolate pieces, the cookies are filling, fun to put together and sure to be an instant classic.

Cheesy pull-apart bread

It’s hard to resist a food that lets you get your hands a bit dirty. This melted, crispy pull-apart bread recipe is a timeless comfort food that kids can really get stuck into. With cheesy goodness, their tastebuds are sure to walk off happy, and you can play around with herbs to suit their tastes.

Cheesy pull apart bread

Eton mess (for messy kids)

A well-structured pavlova is sophisticated and perfect for a dinner party centrepiece. But while the flavours of an Aussie pav will go down well at a kids party, the balanced beauty won’t last long. Give the wild young guests a messy Eton Mess filled with fruit and crushed meringue for an individual dessert kids of all ages will love.


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