Our most popular dessert recipes to get your bake on


Popular desserts that will bring the whole family together.

One thing we’ve experienced over the past few months is a resurgence of baking and getting back to life’s simple pleasures. With more time on our hands, we can spend the whole weekend in the kitchen, trying new recipes and spreading joy through comforting home-made goods.

Turn off the Netflix, fire up the oven and get your bake on with these popular desserts from around The NEFF Kitchen.

Flourless Almond Cake with White Chocolate Ganache

Equal portions decadent and delicious, this cake is a saviour for the gluten free contingent.

The simple recipe calls for butter, sugar, coconut, vanilla, salt, and almond essence to be combined in an electric mixer until creamy. Then add eggs one at a time into the mixer, waiting until each is combined. Then whip the mixture out, fold in the oat meal, and bake in your chosen cake tin on CircoTherm® at 160°.

Nothing in the ganache preparation notes call for you to dip a spoon in and try it but we’ll turn a blind eye.

Read how to make that and other recipes notes in the full Flourless Almond Cake with White Chocolate Ganache recipe.

Cherry Ripe Layer Cake

Yes, you read that right. Our culinary wizards have reverse engineered all the flavours of the classic Cherry Ripe to deliver its nostalgic taste in cake form.

As this one involves layers of sponge and concocting a cherry coconut filling, you’ll need to pay close attention to the method.

Read the full Cherry Ripe Layer Cake recipe.

Classic Lemon Tart

You won’t get through any bake off without having to deliver a lemon tart, and ours is no different. The NEFF classic lemon tart produces a sharp and golden pastry using CircoTherm®. Whisking the tart mix gently so there are no bubbles is key to smooth filling consistency.

Read the full Classic Lemon Tart recipe and bookmark it, there’s every chance you’ll return to this one. Those who want to get a little fruity can also try our Lemon Blueberry Tart recipe.

Carrot and Walnut Cake

If you want to convince yourself your sweet tooth can be healthy, we have the cake for you. This carrot and walnut cake has the vitamins of vegetables and minerals of nuts.

Grated carrots and walnuts are added through the cake mix to give that familiar carrot cake crumble.

Read the full Carrot and Walnut Cake recipe here.

Coffee Roulade


With a 15 minute prep time and 15 minute cook time, this is a show-stopper you can whip up at late notice.

To avoid trying to roll cream into a hot-baked caked, roll this roulade twice. Roll once in a clean tea towel when fresh out the oven and allow to cool. Then unroll, lather with cream, and roll again. The first roll will mean the pliable sponge will return to form.

Read the full Coffee Roulade with Coffee Cream recipe.

Mud Cake

We’re finishing off with something sultry. Our caffeinated mud cake will comfortably feed 10-12, with a dense filling meaning everyone will leave content.

The ganache makes for fun decorating too. Once the cake is cool, paint the cake like stucko leaving thick wisps of ganache trailing around the edges to wow with presentation.

Read the full Mud Cake recipe.


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