Romantic Recipes for a Date Night at Home


If this year has been good for anything, it’s hunkering down with your significant other.

With other options falling by the wayside, every night is date night and we’ve had plenty of opportunity to hone our most romantic recipes for two.

For those who have cycled through their partner’s faves, or those looking to impress, we’ve collated a full menu of romantic recipes to spice up your evening. Food is a love language, after all.

Rosemary and Garlic Smashed Potatoes

We’re going to start off with sides. The first being a hearty and aromatic potato smash. Cooking potatoes with FullSteam secures moisture and makes for a creamier texture. This is important for a smash, as you’re not blending potatoes with any butter but semi-crushing them on a tray. Finish with a mixed oil, garlic, and rosemary drizzle. The rustic presentation will match your candlelit table presentation perfectly.

Read the full Rosemary and Garlic Smashed Potato recipe and gauge serving size to your appetite.

Colourful Salad

While the potatoes are steaming, you can tag-team the salad prep. Parsley roots, purple and orange carrots, Chiogga beetroot, and autumn lettuce like endive or chicory combine for a vibrant dish. One person can peel the root vegetables, while the other chops the parsley roots into small cubes and thinly slices the purple carrots and beetroot.

You can then get cosy on the stovetop, one caramelising walnuts and the other cooking carrots and parsley root in salted water. Drain, chuck in a cold plunge, and drain again.

Read the full Colourful Salad recipe, and get ready for the chicken.

Baked Chicken with Yoghurt and Spices

There comes a stage in every relationship where you need to try something new in the kitchen — and this recipe for two is a great place to start. Baked chicken thighs will come out succulent as ever when drenched in a spiced yoghurt, and come out messy and fun to eat.

Cinnamon, cumin seeds, garlic, ginger, bay leaves, and cardamom pods will infuse into CircoTherm® baked chicken. Prep time is only 25 minutes and cooking time is another 20 — perfect to sit back with a glass of wine.

Read the full Baked Chicken with Yoghurt and Spices recipe.

Steamed Pears with Chocolate Sauce

No date night is complete without dessert and when it comes to romance, you can’t beat something drizzled in chocolate.

Steaming pears in a saffron spiced syrup gives them their vibrant colour and offsets the sweetness of the chocolate sauce. It’s the perfect balance – just like your relationship.

Get the full recipe for Steamed Pears with Chocolate Sauce here.


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