As 2019’s 50 Best Restaurants awards approaches on Singaporean soil, we take a trip to the Asian food capital to bring home the city’s best flavours…

Everyone loves a good Singapore noodles recipe – but that’s not all the country has to offer in the way of classic dishes.

In fact, the coastal city is a true melting pot of cultures and cuisines, filled with the aromas and flavours of Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian food traditions. This culinary diversity is a result of Sinagpore’s bustling harbour: an historic entry point for migration and merchants all over Asia Pacific.

As the host of the 50 Best Restaurants competition this year, Singapore’s streets will be coming alive with classic Asian dishes over winter. But here are some delicious local dishes that you can recreate at home – wherever you are in the world:

Roast duck with crispy skin

Thanks to Singapore’s abundance of Cantonese roast meat restaurants, the city is overflowing with smoky spices and golden, charred cuts of tender poultry. Roast duck is a firm favourite, especially when paired with perfectly crispy skin and fragrant rice. Feeling inspired? Try roasting your own duck at home.

Street-style Singapore laksa

Not a dish unique to Singapore, but nonetheless one of the most popular, laksa is a rich and fragrant noodle soup packed with delicious cuts of meat and Asian vegetables. Often made with a coconut milk broth, this noodle dish is sure to transport your guests to the site of the 50 Best in just one spoonful.

Kaya toast with coconut butter custard 

Who said breakfast had to be boring? This buttery toastie is a common favourite in coffee shops – oozing with a lemon curd-like jam made from coconut milk, eggs, pandan leaves and light sugar. Sweet yet sophisticated, kaya toast is often paired with eggs in a signature breakfast dish that your brunch guests will rave about for weeks.

Pork ribs in a flavoursome broth

A late night classic across Malaysia and Singapore, Bak Kut Teh is a Chinese soup known for its comforting herbs and warm textures – perfect for those chilly winter nights at home with family and friends. Serve with rice and fresh chilli for the authentic experience!

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