The NEFF Guide to Cooking Mushrooms


Mushrooms are packed full of nutrition, have their own ‘wood wide web’, and are uniquely delicious — is there anything shrooms can’t do?

You’ve got to tip your hat to mushrooms. The funky fungi provides the ‘meat’ of many a veggie diet, they’re rich in antioxidants, potassium, and copper, and they even have their very own internet. (It’s called the ‘wood wide web’ and no, we’re not joking). They also happen to be delicious and have such breadth and variation that they can add pizzazz to any meal.

If you’re new to the shrooms, or just amused by the idea of them surfing the net and want to know more, this complete guide to mushroom recipe tips, tricks and techniques is for you.

The NEFF Guide to Cooking Mushrooms

Before we get into the best mushroom recipes, we have eight tips for mastering mushies:

  1. Use lots of different kinds
  2. Wipe or rinse, but don’t soak
  3. Don’t cut off too much of the stalks
  4. Try different methods of preparing: whole, crushed, torn, or sliced.
  5. Always cook in a nice and hot pan
  6. Use extra oil to counter absorption
  7. Don’t overcrowd the pan
  8. Add aromatics near the end of cooking

For a breakdown of each tip, read our guide to cooking with mushrooms.

Beef and Mushroom Pie

A servo staple and comfort food for many, the beef and mushroom pie is an Australian classic. Still, we don’t recommend the plastic-wrapped option for regular consumption; control the quality of your ingredients by making yours at home.

You have two options here: going large with one family sized pie, or jazzing things up with individual servings. The larger pie is more traditional, with diced beef massaged with bicarb soda and salt before being cooked on FlameSelect level 9 before quartered mushrooms jump in. The individual party option is for when you want to break out the Le Creuset mini casserole dishes, and has tender beef strips and swiss brown mushrooms covered with a cheesy potato crust.

Perfect pie fillings with FlameSelect

Your pie is only as good as your filling, so while there are lots of ways to ramp up the flavour on the inside, preparing it properly before it goes into the oven can make all the difference. With FlameSelect, you can ensure you have the perfect amount of heat to brown your meat, saute your mushrooms and stop sauces from drying out.

Learn more about products with Flame Select here.


3 Cheese Mushroom Lasagne

For this lasagne, topping off your fungi fest with a portion of porcini mushrooms is the trick to adding depth to the flavour profile. Cooking all mushrooms with a healthy dose of butter for 15 minutes doesn’t hurt either. Specialty scamorza mozzarella and ricotta salata also help to set this one off — read the full lasagne recipe here.

Entertaining made easy with CircoTherm® 

 While we could probably eat this entire lasagne to ourselves, it also makes a great main dish when entertaining. Spend less time in the kitchen and more time socialising with a little bit of help from CircoTherm. With some clever planning to ensure the temperature needs meet, you can cook your lasagne and a dessert at the same time – with no flavours mingling!

Learn more about CircoTherm® here.

Forest Mushroom and Truffle Oil Risotto

Nothing wows like a risotto. Usually the meal takes diligent care, with liquid constantly added to stop it from drying out. With Fullsteam, NEFF takes the pain out of risotto allowing you to do all of the impressing with none of the distressing.

Simply place your onion, garlic, and butter in a solid stainless steel tray, and pop it in the oven on Fullsteam at 100°C for three minutes. Then add Rice, water, herbs, and your mix of portobello, enoki, oyster, and Swiss brown mushrooms, and put back in for a further 25 minutes. To finish, stir through extra butter and add truffle oils and parmesan — Bellissimo!

Read the full mushroom and truffle oil risotto recipe.

The secret to simple risotto

What would this recipe be without the help of steam? Plump, juicy mushrooms will always taste better with a little bit of care in the oven. The use of steam not only makes it a hands-free risotto but maintains the integrity of the ingredients for a more enjoyable dinner.

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