The ultimate potato cooking guide


As winter peeks around the corner and hearty comfort foods return to the dinner menu, hot chips are coming back into fashion.

Baked, fried, crispy or thick-cut – potatoes are the staple of a mouth-watering modern winter diet. And nothing hits the spot like a plate of hot chips dipped in a delicious homemade tomato sauce.

Treat your family to a salty adventure and skip on the store-bought variety to make the perfect potato chip at home. We’ve got all the variations one hungry home chef could dream of…

Which potato should I choose?

Starchy King Edward or Russet potatoes are your best bet when it comes to choosing the potato for your chips. The fluffy and absorbent varieties are great for baking and shine as potato wedges or chips. Simply cut them into 1cm sticks and turn on your oven.

Fail-proof sweet potato wedges

Indulge your tastebuds in this healthy, modern version of the classic potato wedge. We’ve got a cornflour trick up our sleeve to really nail that golden crunch on the outside. And with smoked paprika, cumin, coriander and other seasonings, these colourful wedges will keep your family coming back for more – guilt-free.

sweet potato wedges recipe

Crunchy golden crisps

Crisps are the supermarket heroes of the potato world, and are always a winner on a snack table. But many people don’t realise how easy they are to make at home. Get your Dutch Creams, Kipfler or Nicola root sin a row, and practice your 2mm slicing technique before giving this recipe a go.

Crispy homemade potatoes

Want chips that are soft and flavourful on the inside, but golden and crispy on the outside? Forget about par-boiling or crushing – your NEFF oven is the way to go. Simply wash, peel and chop your potatoes before softening them with the FullSteam function, and then baking them with CircoTherm in a shallow tray of 200C oil. With this recipe, you’ll never need to eat out again.

Homemade tomato sauce

No plate of chips is complete without a ramekin of delicious tomato sauce. Make your own with these easy mouth-watering recipes:

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