What to cook when baking with kids


Looking for a fun and inexpensive way to keep your kids entertained during the school holidays?

Creative kids of all ages usually love to make a mess in the kitchen. Not only can it help to develop their own lifelong love of baking, but it can help them learn important life skills while taking part in an activity that is downright fun. Baking with kids doesn’t get more fun than when you’re trying these recipe ideas.

Anzac biscuits

This classic in the Australian kitchen could well have been one of the first recipes you learnt to bake yourself. It’s one of the easiest biscuit recipes to master and is made from ingredients you’ll likely already have on hand – making it a perfect last minute bake for a rainy day.
Get our Anzac Biscuit recipe here.

Blueberry coconut muffins

Most kids will request cupcakes if they’re starting out baking, but mark our words these blueberry muffins are a real treat. They’re definitely not sugar free, but you can feel confident their sweet treat at least has some fruit in it.
Get our Blueberry coconut muffins recipe here.

Three cheese macaroni cheese

Great bakes aren’t just about desserts. In fact, what better way to get them on board in the kitchen than by preparing any child’s favourite lunch: macaroni cheese. Our version has a crunchy top and three cheese filling that adults love as well.
Get our Three cheese macaroni cheese recipe here.

Lemon cheesecake

While traditionally cheesecakes are thought of as more of an elegant and rich dessert for adults, its tangy flavour is also a big hit with kids. They’ll love pressing the base into the tin, whipping up the filling and decorating it with fresh fruit. In fact, it is just the right balance of flavour and fun that kids will love.
Get our Lemon cheesecake recipe here.

Chocolate self-saucing pudding

Nothing makes a child’s eyes light up in excitement faster than the sight of a gooey chocolate pudding. This chocolate dessert is surprisingly easy to make, but will definitely require some adult supervision when handling the boiling water to make the sauce. Serve it warm with ice cream to make all their dessert dreams come true.
Get our Chocolate self-saucing pudding recipe here.

Strawberry crumble

Perfect for cold winter nights or even just a rainy day, strawberry crumbles are one of the best fruit filled desserts going around. Preparing your own is surprisingly easy and your kids will love crumbling over the mixture to give it that perfect crispy texture. Serve it with ice cream and they’ll love it even more.
Get our Strawberry Crumble recipe here.

White chocolate and macadamia brownies

What is a list for baking with kids without a brownie iteration? While these beauties would technically be classes as a blondie because they use white chocolate instead of its dark counterpart, we are sure the flavours will be just as enjoyable. A little bit of cranberries and macadamias can also make you feel confident you’re not just loading them up with layers of chocolate.
Get our white chocolate and macadamia brownies recipe here.

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