5 sophisticated (and easy) cupcake recipe ideas


Around the world, a good cupcake recipe remains a universal favourite at any afternoon tea. The perfect combination of fluffy sponge, delicate flavours and creamy icing on top makes for a mouth-watering, classic sweet treat on any menu.

While the classic chocolate or vanilla cupcake still works wonders as a simple dessert, we’ve got a few more ideas in the oven. Make sure you’ve got your ultimate cream cheese frosting recipe on hand, get the kids or family involved, and step into a new world of cupcake creation.

From spice-infused delicacies to fruity flavours, here are five easy twists on your classic cupcake recipe that are sure to delight your guests every time:

Spicy Chai Latte cupcake recipe

Want to delight the more sophisticated dessert palate? Start with your standard vanilla cupcake recipe as a base, then add 3 ½ teaspoons of homemade chai spice mix. Top with an indulgent chai buttercream made by adding 2 teaspoons of your chai mix to your plain buttercream recipe. The evocative flavours of cinnamon, ginger and cardamom certainly come to the fore in this recipe – an impressive way to end any summer tea party.


Pink Lemonade cupcake recipe

What better way to spend a summer afternoon than surrounded by jugs of iced tea and pink lemonade cupcakes? Made with real lemon juice, these sweet and zesty colour explosions are sure to brighten up any afternoon tea table. If you’re feeling brave, a secret swirl of raspberry coulis can elevate this recipe to new summer heights.


Choc-mint cupcakes

Is there a more classic flavour combination than chocolate and mint? If you’ve already got a favourite chocolate cupcake recipe, it only takes a few tweaks to elevate it to a new level. Add a dash of peppermint extract to your cupcake batter then replace your chocolate icing with a mint-infused vanilla version tinted green with food colouring to complete the cupcake transformation.


S’mores cupcakes with marshmallow frosting

With chocolate as your cupcake base you’re primed to go wild with this classic American campfire snack. Egg whites, sugar, cream of tartar, salt and vanilla are all that are needed to make a delicious marshmallow icing – this can be served as is or made slightly golden with a kitchen blow torch for a real campfire feel. A chocolate digestive completes the s’mores feel – but you can add an extra drizzle of chocolate for even more decadence.


Fruity Passionfruit cupcakes

Want a fresh flavour that’s just perfect for summer entertaining? Then this passionfruit twist is calling your name. Add ¼ cup of passionfruit pulp (use coulis if you want to skip the seeds) to your vanilla cupcake mixture for a hit of flavour, then drizzle some additional pulp over the top of your icing for a gorgeous finishing touch.

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