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A versatile, convenient and stylish microwave solution for your kitchen.

A microwave is a kitchen staple. The perfect appliance to heat up your food quickly and conveniently, in a very small space. Whether it’s warming up leftovers, or cooking oats, it’s your go-to device for a hot dish when you are in a rush. But a microwave can be quite an eyesore, taking up space on your kitchen bench or in the pantry.

Luckily, NEFF has been creating stylish, versatile and user-friendly appliances for more than 100 years, and have created sleek microwave solutions that will look great in your kitchen. You can choose from compact ovens with microwave functionality or built in microwaves to prepare your food just that little bit faster.

Which microwave oven is right for you?

Built in microwaves

For those home cooks who are always in a hurry, it’s hard to look past the NEFF Built In Microwave (C17WR00N0A).The appliance has seven automatic programs, modern LED lighting and double glazed doors, helping you cook efficiently in a very small space, while providing more room to deck out your kitchen with the essentials.

Compact ovens with microwave functionality

A great way to maximise space in your kitchen is to combine multiple appliances in one – just like NEFF’s induction cooktop and range hood duo.  One of the most popular choices is a compact oven with microwave functionality, that acts as a regular oven, but has the added bonus of also being a microwave, with handy automatic programs that meet your unique culinary needs.

NEFF’s range of compact ovens with microwave functionality include:

  • Compact oven with microwave
  • Pyrolytic compact oven with microwave
  • Pyrolytic compact oven with microwave and variosteam

Depending on your chosen model, you’ll enjoy handy automatic programmes that suggest ideal cooking times, a full-touch TFT display and a memory function that allows you to select your favourite setting at the touch of a button. Some microwaves even have a feature grill which will make the appliance even more convenient when you need to finish off your dish with a golden topping.

Click here to see all compact NEFF ovens with microwave functionality.

We understand that it can be difficult to know which appliance is right for you without seeing them in them in real life, so book a product demonstration with one of our home economists who will give you some handy tips, tricks and advice on how to choose a microwave appliance that suits you and your family.

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