Recipes you may not know you can make in your microwave oven


Your microwave oven could be more useful that you think…

Sure, you’ve probably used your microwave to heat up leftovers, but when was the last time you used it to make an actual dish? Many Australians are not using their microwaves to its full potential so we’re here to show you all the possibilities that you could be missing out on.

You might make cook breakfast foods such as oats or eggs in your microwave, but there are actually plenty of sweet and savoury recipes that can be created in this handy kitchen appliance.

Why use a NEFF microwave oven?

The NEFF microwave oven is a versatile, stylish and convenient microwave solution for your kitchen, allowing you to maximise space. You can choose between built-in microwaves and combination ovens to whip up your next meal, just that little bit faster.

Built-in microwaves

NEFF’s built in microwave has seven automatic programs, modern LED lighting and double-glazed doors, helping you cook quickly and efficiently. This makes it great for those home-cooks who need to feed their family, fast. When built-in it can help to clear up valuable space on your kitchen benchtop and make for a sleeker kitchen design. Click here to check out the NEFF range.

Compact ovens with microwave functionality

Want to combine multiple appliances in one to save even more kitchen space? Then this appliance is for you. It acts as a regular oven but has the added bonus of also being a microwave with handy automatic programs that make cooking a breeze. Click here to check out the range.

Recipes you can make in your microwave

Whether you have chosen a built-in microwave or compact oven with microwave functionality, the list of mouth-watering recipes you can make in the appliance are endless. Here are our top four to try this month.

Tips for cooking with a microwave

We’ve prepared some tips to help you master cooking with your microwave and ensure you get the recipes right the first time.

  • Cut up large food to speed up cooking time
  • Pierce ingredients that have skin, such as sausages or potatoes
  • Spread out food in a single layer, with the thickest food positioned away from the centre
  • Once your food is cooked, close the microwave door and let it rest. This will give it the time it needs to complete the cooking process.

Want to try these appliances in person? Why not visit our showroom in South Melbourne or book a free product demonstration with one of our experienced home economists who will provide some handy tips and tricks for using your NEFF appliances.

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