The best cookie recipes from the NEFF Kitchen


It’s time to give your oven a proper workout and master some of the best biscuit recipes going around.

There’s nothing worse than baking cookies and being disappointed. And while cookies are often one of the first things we learn to make, finding the perfect recipe for your cookie craving can be hard.

Luckily, we’ve got plenty of tried and tested cookies in The NEFF Kitchen. Our team of home economists diligently test the quantities and ingredients for the best taste and foolproof outcomes. Yes, taste-testing is a difficult part of our job but it’s one we gladly undertake to ensure you have the best cookies, every time.

Here are some of our favourite cookie recipes:

Chocolate chip cookies

It’s a classic for a reason. Often when you’re craving a cookie, this is what your brain is picturing. With a soft centre, crisp edges and oozey chocolate chips, this really is the ultimate cookie. Get our chocolate chip cookie recipe here, and while you’re at it, why not check out our triple chocolate cookie slice recipe? It’s everything you love about the classic cookie in a thicker, chocolate bonanza of a slice.

Basic cookie recipe

Whether you’re wanting to use what you have on hand or just like to experiment with your cookie mix-ins, you need to have a great go-to basic cookie recipe. Our version is shown with cranberries and pistachios mixed through but you can add anything – nuts, white chocolate, dried fruit. Your imagination and tastebuds write this recipe.

Get the recipe for our basic cookies here.

Shortbread biscuits

We love a good shortbread recipe around here. In fact, our Christmas shortbread recipe is actually three delicious recipes in one! But if you’re wanting to make something that is more intolerance friendly, then you’ll love our gluten free dipped shortbread. Using gluten free flours and dipped in melted chocolate, we decorate with a variety of toppings like crushed nuts and orange zest for a fancy finish.

Get the recipe for our gluten free dipped shortbread here.

Melting moments

When it comes to cookies, sometimes classic recipes really are best. Lots of people think that melting moments are something that you can only buy in store, but once you start making them at home they really can’t be beat. Best of all, they’re a cookie that leaves room experimentation. Just try our chocolate melting moments with peanut butter ganache if you don’t believe us!

Get our classic melting moments recipe here.

Caramel filled Salted Shortbreads

Here we go with the shortbread again. We can’t help it, they’re just some of the best. This adult is a very grown up spin, with salted caramel adding a rich and decadent filling that you’re sure to love.

Get the recipe for our caramel filled salted shortbreads here.

Hint: Use your Steam function on your oven to make the caramel filling for optimal results. Don’t have an oven with steam? Not to worry, you can check out our FullSteam oven range here.

White chocolate, almond and cranberry biscotti

We love biscottis because they look fancy when you have guests coming around, but they store like a dream. This means you’re not going to feel ‘forced’ into eating a whole batch at once, but can have them on hand when your cup of tea requires a little company.

Get the recipe for our white chocolate, almond and cranberry biscotti here.

Wondering why your cookies never come out perfect?

Opening your oven door to check them could be your first mistake. By doing this, you’re releasing air from the oven resulting in often deflated cookies.  The solution? An oven that ensures each and every cookie is always visible, without needing to open the oven door. Give your cookies the spotlight they deserve with the NeffLight. Click here to find about this unique feature.

Want some more tips and tricks? Check out our guide to baking cupcakes and cookies here for all the best tips and advice.


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