What to serve with soups to enjoy them for longer


Even your favourite soup recipe can sometimes call for something a little more substantial…

There’s nothing like a bowl of steaming minestrone on a cold day. But every soup deserves a side dish – to bulk up the meal, to make it last longer and to add some complexity and texture to the dish. Why not find your favourite soup recipe and pair it with a delicious home-baked bread?

The whole family will enjoy the aroma of a fresh loaf rising in the oven, and dunking a slice into your favourite soup will help soak up the flavours while stretching the pot out to last longer and indulge more. Brush up on your bread making skills and serve one of these warm favourites with soft butter – no bread machine needed:

Crusty homemade bread

Crusty on the outside, moist and fluffy on the inside, this bread recipe is an easy entry into the world of homemade bread. It doesn’t take too long to prepare and bake, and any leftovers will be delicious in sandwiches or toast the next day. If you have a NEFF steam oven, you can use your dough proving setting and break making function to achieve a perfect result.

Cheesy pull-apart bread

A bread that you can tuck into with your hands is the best kind for pairing with soup. This flavourful, cheesy pull-apart recipe is a tried and tested favourite in the NEFF kitchen, perfect for dipping in soup and delicious on its own too.

Nutty wholegrain bread

Want something a little more complex to pair with your soup? If you’re stirring up a pot of cool Gazpacho, a buttered slice of nutty wholegrain may be the perfect companion – not too heavy, full of nutrients and flavour and a good way to balance out the bite of the tomatoes.

Naan bread

This may seem like an unusual pairing, but freshly-made naan can be the perfect light side to your soup – especially one with more complex spices and flavours in it. Tear each buttery flatbread apart and dip into a bowl of spiced pumpkin soup.

Ricotta herb bread rolls

We love these for two reasons – one, they’re the perfect serving size for each person, no knives and crumbs and perfect big loaves needed. Two, they’re indulgently delicious, laced with creamy ricotta and soft Italian herbs. Plus, they’re perfectly pillowy in texture, and pair beautifully with soft butter and a bit of sea salt.

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