Which ingredients are in season (and what to cook!)


Winter is well and truly here, so embrace the latest batch of fresh ingredients hitting your supermarket this month. 

There are big perks to shopping seasonally. Not only are your shops cheaper, but your produce is fresher and better tasting tooIt also means you’re getting more variety in your diet throughout the year, giving you plenty of opportunities to expand your recipe repertoire.  

These winter ingredients are in season for the next couple of months, so make the most of them with some of our delicious recipes: 

Pears – Nashi, Buerre bosc, Josephine or Packham 

When the colder months come calling, pears finally have their time to shine. Unlike the tropical fruits favoured in summer, pears have a more subtle flavour that makes it a versatile ingredient to add to salad, served with granola or cooked through for dinner. 

Click here for our Steamed Pears recipe, a warming and delicious dessert drizzled with warm chocolate, or an upgrade for your morning porridge. 


Pumpkin risotto


Sure, pumpkins pack an autumnal punch with their warming colours, but this delicious vegetable should be by your side all throughout the winter months too. Serve roasted pumpkin as a side dish to your roasts, or stuff them to add more bulk for a vegetarian favourite. Pumpkin puree can be added to scones and cupcakes, or it can make the base for a more-ish ricotta gnocchi. 

While all those recipes will ensure you don’t let a single scrap of pumpkin go to waste, click here for one of our favourite pumpkin recipes – a surprisingly easy pumpkin risotto. 

Apple – Bonza, Fuji, Granny Smith, Pink Lady, Red Delicious 

While eating an apple a day might keep the doctor away, we think that baking with them is really the best medicine. Apple desserts are a favourite around here. Their tart flavour isn’t too sweet, and they pair beautifully with caramels and creams.  

Whether you’re looking for a classic dessert, like an apple pie or apple crumble, or a new way to enjoy apples like pairing them with baked camembert for the ultimate combination of salty and sweet, we have got you covered. 

For a new take on an apple dessert, click here for our Apple Kuchen Tart with Salted Caramel Sauce. 



Brussels Sprouts 

We know that many people have some negative thoughts when it comes to this vegetable. They imagine flavourless balls boiled to within an inch of their lives. Our Honey Bacon Brussels Sprouts are going to change your mind completely. 

Sure, this recipe is helped by the salty-sweet combination that always gets your tastebuds tingling. And adding bacon is generally a way to make any vegetable sing. But the real reason this recipe is an absolute winner is that the sprouts are roasted until golden while the bacon gets crisp alongside. This stops you from getting soggy sprouts and gives them a depth of flavour you never imagined existing. 

Don’t believe us? Try the recipe for yourself right here. 


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