3 of our favourite winter roast recipes


There’s nothing quite like a winter roast to brighten up your home kitchen on a chilly day.

Brace yourselves: the coldest season of the year is just around the corner, bringing with it some icy evenings and chilly afternoons. But winter isn’t all doom and gloom – the cold forecast also provides the perfect opportunity to spend some time warming up the oven for your friends and family.

What better way to keep your guests toasty than with a tender, flavourful roast? From the warm flavours of a spicy lamb shoulder to the delicate saltiness of our famed pork roast recipe, these tender meat dishes will make the winter nights worth it for everyone around the table:

Brined pork loin roast

What do you get when you cross salt and honey with thyme and garlic? The perfect marinade for your brined roast lamb – a quick and easy way to get the most flavour and juice out of your cut of pork. Plus, if you have a NEFF oven, the CircoRoast® and CircoTherm® functions can make the cooking process even easier. Pair with roast tomatoes for the ultimate dish.

Spicy slow roasted lamb shoulder

Roast lamb is a household favourite around the world – but that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. Impress your guests with this delicious spicy roast lamb recipe, perfect for preparing in the morning if you’ve got guests coming for dinner. Infused with paprika, cumin, star anise and other delicious spices, the tender cuts will melt in your mouth and can be served hot or cold.

Butterflied roast chicken

No family kitchen is complete without a signature roast chicken recipe. This one is brought to life by preserved lemon, garlic and thyme, and is sure to become a family favourite in no time. Plus, this golden winter dish can be cooked in less than an hour for those spontaneous dinner parties. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, this roast turkey recipe is a NEFF favourite too.

Don’t forget the roast veggies

All good roasts need a few good side dishes. Add some tender roast vegetables to your menu and brush up on your carving skills while the meat is in the oven – and don’t forget to use up your leftovers wisely when the party’s over!

Worried about overcooking your roast? The NEFF MultiPoint MeatProbe is cooking on autopilot. Simply insert into your meat, select the appropriate roast in your display and let your oven work its magic.


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