Fruity desserts to serve this summer


Satisfy your sweet tooth with desserts that hero summer’s freshest fruit

There is something about summer that makes everyone go wild for the sweet, refreshing taste of fruit. So, when you are asked to bring a plate, why not whip up one of these fruity favourites?

What fruit are in season in summer?

The warm weather, humidity and sunshine make it the perfect time to enjoy some of our favourite summer fruit. In Australia, this means an abundance of fresh berries, mangoes, pineapples and nectarines. Here in The NEFF Kitchen, we like to use seasonal produce to experiment with new flavours in the kitchen. This is especially fun when it comes to dessert.

Here are some of our favourite summer desserts to try while the fruit is ripe and ready for baking.

Mixed berry trifle

Mixed berry trifles are the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Made with a tower of sponge, jelly and custard, it’s a great way to make the most of the season’s influx of fresh berries, that are sold at a more affordable price. Or you can go to a farm and pick them yourself, for an even more organic experience. Hot tip: try make your raspberry coulis at home if you really want to impress the guests. Click here for the NEFF recipe.

Almond and mango custard tart

Our almond and mango custard tart combines nutty and fruity flavours for a mouth-watering dessert that will melt in your mouth. It is infused with Gewurzhaus spices, meaning it will fill the whole house with the fragrant scent of vanilla. Once cooled, garnish the custard tart with sliced mango and serve with cream. Click here for the NEFF recipe.

Cherry strudel

Cherries are a stone fruit, rich in antioxidants. Want to make the most the short-lived cherry season? Try this twist on the classic apple strudel. It has a buttery pastry and sweet cherry filling that will leave your guests wanting more. Best of all, it takes less than one hour to prepare. Click here for the NEFF recipe.

Orange and rhubarb cake

This rustic baked cake is a great dessert for afternoon tea. It combines tangy orange flavours with sweet rhubarb to get the best of both worlds. Plus, the addition of steam during the cooking process, means the cake will be deliciously moist, every time. Click here for the NEFF recipe, including a video that takes you through the cooking process, step by step.    

Summer pavlova

Summer pavlova is an iconic Australian dessert. It has a meringue base, with a crisp crust and soft inside, creating a fresh and tasty dessert that can be enjoyed during the warmer months. When it comes to the perfect pav – decoration is key, so ensure its topped with whipped cream and a variety of bright summer fruits including strawberries, kiwi, mango and passionfruit. Click here for the NEFF recipe.

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