The Ultimate Guide to Cooking Chicken


Master the art of cooking chicken using your NEFF appliances.

Chicken has become an increasingly popular alternative to red meat, which is no surprise given its health benefits and great taste. But unlike red meat that can be enjoyed when cooked ‘rare’, the rules for cooking chicken are a lot more stringent. Combine that with cuts that cook at different rates and can be difficult to carve or prepare correctly, and the humble chook can make anyone nervous.

But whether you like your chicken roasted, fried, poached or grilled, it’s a versatile meat the whole family will love. So mastering the art of cooking chicken is something that all home cooks worth their salt should set out to do. This guide will help you learn to cook chicken in a variety of ways,

First things first…

How to fry the perfect chicken breast:

Thin at one end and thick at the other, a chicken breast can be tricky to cook correctly and we often risk dry at one end and raw at the other. Here’s how to fry it properly:

  • Pound chicken to ensure the meat is the same thickness
  • Season your chicken with herbs and spices – you can try rosemary, paprika or even ginger
  • Heat the pan and add olive oil
  • Cook chicken breast until golden brown
  • Flip chicken over and cook the other side
  • Remove from heat and let it rest for a minute before serving

Frying chicken on the NEFF Induction cooktop

When it comes to frying chicken, many home cooks believe that you need a gas cooktop to get the best results so that you can control the flame, but that’s not true. NEFF’s Induction Cooktop has its own Frying Sensor that helps you to control the amount of heat making its way into the pan as you cook. After you’ve set it to the level you require for your recipe, it actively monitors the flow of heat and keeps it at a steady level so your chicken is perfectly fried without the fuss. 

Click here to learn more about the NEFF Induction Cooktop.

How to butterfly chicken

Butterflying your whole chicken can help you to cook it faster – even better, it often helps to avoid uneven cooking of the different types of meat. Here’s how to butterfly your chicken:

  • Lay your chicken breast-side down on a flat surface
  • Cut your chicken along one side of the backbone from one end to another, using a sharp knife
  • Turn your chicken over and flatten before cutting along the other side of the backbone, then remove.
  • Push down firmly on the breastbone area with your palm to flatten
  • That’s it! Once you’ve butterflied your chicken, it’s easy to roast.

Click here for more tips and a video outlining how to butterfly your chicken.  

How to truss chicken

Want to cook a traditional whole roast chicken? You want to truss the legs together so they’re closer to the body and become dry and overcooked. It’s not as straight forward as it may seem though, so follow these steps:

  • Lay your chicken breast-side up on a flat surface, with the legs pointing towards you
  • Cut a piece of kitchen twine around 1m long
  • Holding each end of the twine in both hands, slide it underneath the chicken legs and pull the strings upwards. Criss-cross to tighten.
  • Slide the twine down and around each leg. As you slide the twine up the side of the chicken to tighten, flip the bird, pulling it back towards you so its breast-side down.
  • Pull the twine back towards you over the wings, then tie the twine into a knot to secure the wings.
  • Slide the twine down and around each chicken wing. As you slide the twine up the side of the chicken to tighten, flip the bird pulling it back towards you so it is breast-side up.
  • Pull the twine towards you, loop it around the bottom of the breast bone before bringing it back around the top of the chicken breast to be tightened.
  • Finally, tie into a knot and cut off any excess twine before roasting.

Click here for more tips and a video outlining how to truss your chicken.

Roast Chicken with Vegetables

Ready to put your new trussing knowledge to the test? Our whole chicken with vegetables will take your Sunday roast to the next level. And it’s packed with nutrients, making it a healthy dinner option the whole family will love. Click here for the NEFF recipe.

How to add flavour to your chicken breast

There are plenty of quick and easy thinks you can do to turn a simple chicken breast into a mouth-watering meal. These includes…

  • Marinating your chicken breast with herbs and spices
  • Crumbing your chicken breasts with breadcrumbs or panko
  • Stuffing your chicken breast with cheese, prosciutto and herbs.

Click here for more chicken seasoning inspiration.

Chicken recipes

Here are some of our all-time favourite chicken recipes that you can enjoy in any season.

Middle Eastern Chicken with Apricots

This one pot wonder is packed full of flavour, with a delicate blend of middle eastern spices and fresh apricots. Click here for the NEFF recipe.

Coconut and Sesame Chicken Tenders

Served with mango salsa, our coconut and sesame chicken tenders are simple mid-week dinner option that can be made in less than half an hour. Click here for the NEFF recipe.

Homemade Chicken and Mushroom Pies

With crispy golden pastry bases, our traditional chicken and mushroom pies are a crowd pleaser that can be enjoyed all year round. Click here for the NEFF recipe.

Cooking with Chicken

No matter which flavoursome chicken recipe you choose, the tools will be the same, and having the right appliances is key to juicy, tender meat that melts in your mouth. Here are some NEFF oven features that can help you achieve the perfect chicken…

MultiPoint MeatProbe

When it comes to cooking meat, temperature really does matter, but it can be hard to know when your chicken is cooked without cutting it in the centre. Luckily, a wide range of NEFF ovens are equipped with a MultiPoint MeatProbe that monitors the core temperature of your meat and controls the over temperature accordingly. Click here to learn more about NEFF’s MultiPoint MeatProbe.

Baking and Roasting Assistant

Our Baking and Roasting Assistant serves up cooking suggestions at the touch of a button. It recommends the ideal heating mode, temperature and time for a range of dishes to ensure your meal is cooked to perfection. In the roasting category of this feature you can choose the ‘roast chicken’ option to get tender and delicious poultry every time. Click here to see NEFF ovens with the Baking and Roasting Assistant.

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