You don’t need a grill to cook great seafood


Have you ever cooked seafood in your oven? Here’s why you should give it a try


Seafood is fresh, healthy and a hit at the dinner table, especially during the warmer months. While it’s traditionally cooked over a stove, or sizzled on the barbeque, there is a growing trend towards cooking seafood in your oven. We’ve been trialling it in The NEFF Kitchen and want to share our experience of cooking seafood with dry heat.

First things first…

Why use an oven when making seafood?

The way you cook fish can change its nutritional composition. This means that some cooking methods are better than others. For example, pan frying requires a high amount of fat and can damage the health of omega-3 fatty acids more than baking using dry heat in the oven. This helps retain the nutrients found in fish, including Omega-3 and Vitamin D, making it a healthier way to cook your seafood.

What about a steam oven?

Using your steam oven when making seafood allows you to combine the benefits of cooking seafood with steam and baking it. This process requires minimal extra oils or fats which means your delicious seafood dishes will remain light and healthy. What many people don’t know is that steaming seals in all the flavours and nutrients of your existing ingredients, preserving the natural colours, shapes and tastes of each element.

The NEFF oven has a number of automatic settings that will ensure your fish is cooked to perfection, without needing to lift a finger. And it’s far less messy that splattered oils when cooking your seafood on the stove.

Test out the waters, with this list of great fishy dishes from around the NEFF Kitchen.

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